Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Alternative Fuel: Eco-Friendly And Helps To Preserve Natural Resources

Vehicles are being driven all over the world using alcohol, electricity, bio-diesel, LPG and there are many other options. Many of these are malleable to the car we are using now; it is not a matter of buying another car but a carburetor kit or some gaskets or something else that is simple to replace. In fact, in many countries and cities the government rewards or pays the vehicle users for the transformation just to diminish the smog levels in their country or city.  Here you will find various alternative fuel kits like LPG Conversion Kits, Auto Gas Conversion Kits, CNG Conversion Kits.

Climate change caused by the activities of human beings is still a broadly debated topic. Studies generate conflict data and prophecies about changing global weather patterns. Some scientists argue that the Earth’s climate changes naturally with time and that human beings are not the only cause of any distinguished changes in weather trends. Almost all scientists can give their consent that something about the earth’s climate is changing. Polar ice caps are gradually melting. It is assumed by some that the main culprit climate change caused by men is greenhouse gasses. Greenhouse gasses like carbon dioxide are considered to trap heat in the earth’s atmosphere, which is progressively increasing the temperature of the planet.

In order to trim down the amount of green house gasses that human beings generate from daily life, most of the people have decided to exchange their automobile over to running on an alternative source of fuel. Automobiles are one of the largest sources of the greenhouse gas carbon dioxide. Propane fuel conversion kits are becoming progressively more popular among the people. Driving an automobile on propane produces less greenhouse gases than an automobile that uses gasoline. Installing a propane dual fuel conversion kit can also increase overall gas mileage and decrease the cost of your fuel. Installing a LPG conversion kit in your automobile can cost between a thousand and five thousand dollars. You can also opt for CNG Conversion Kits for your vehicle.

Today, when fossil fuels have become main aspects of our economy, when every time there is a variance or adversity in a fossil fuel producing country, prices of fuel become so high and then never come down to the original prices again, it is time to find alternative fuel sources for our vehicles. There are many cars on the road today that run on combinations of fossil fuels and other fuels like electricity, while there are some that do not use petrol at all. There are various other kinds of alternative fuel vehicles that do not have the same benefits as a vehicle running on propane. The electric cars do not have the same gas mileage advantages like a car that runs on a liquid fuel, but they do reduce greenhouse emissions. Ethanol is another alternative fuel that is becoming popular among the users. Another advantage of using alternative fuel vehicles is that it reduces the dependency on foreign oil.

The use of alternative fuel is widespread at the present time because it is cheaper than gasoline or diesel. Also, alternative fuels contain materials which are environment friendly, as such, it can help save and preserve natural resources that are used in order to generate gasoline and provide efficient and clean fuel combustion. If you are looking for alternative fuels for your vehicle then you can avail them from Dahison Automobiles.

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