Saturday, January 7, 2012

HealthCare Industry and Medic Equipments

Manufacturing and distributing medical equipments is a task of responsibility. To meet this responsibility, an industry has to pass several certifications and International standards as benchmarks. Practices like – Good Manufacturing Practices and guidelines of WHO have to be taken seriously in order to be in this field. Organizations, which are not serious about the nature of their job, definitely have no place here.

HealthCare Industry is as huge and big as the human anatomy itself. The more one tries to understand it, the more complex it gets. And so, the Medical Device Industry gets more and more sophisticated and complicated with each passing day. Medical device as we all know is a product used for medical purpose in various sections of medicine. Adding to this is the medical technology which encompasses a wide range of healthcare products used to diagnose, monitor or treat diseases on large scale throughout the world.

Such medical technologies and such technological advanced medic equipments, intended to improve the quality of healthcare, are a boon to humankind. These devices help to treat a disease based on earlier diagnosis. These devices intended to treat people through less – invasive and comparatively less painful methods of treatment are not only focussed on providing better health treatments but also less costly health services. These equipments are used in all branches of healthcare industry like genetics, haematology, immuno-hematology, microbiology, serology, urinanlysis, radiology, orthopaedics, gynaecology, gastro – entrology , cardio, neruo, nephro and so on. Equipments like Holter monitor, Defibrillator, Gamma Knife, Heart Pacemaker, Eucomed, MRI Scanners, Syringes, IVRs pacemakers, ventilators, Suprapublic Catheter, Peek Plif Cages, Posterior Osteosynthesis System and millions of such other medical equipments treat millions of patients worldwide to recover and lead a normal life – once again.

Companies who manufacture such medical products undertake several procedures to produce these. Practices like leakage testing, right current flow, tensile strength, purity, accurate measurement, clean rooms, ultra clean packaging practices and such other tests are regularly carried out to give safe and hygienic medical equipments and products. As billions of people worldwide depend upon these medical technologies – at homes, hospitals and nursing homes, and, as their dependents depend on their recovery; efficient medical equipments are a must.

For such high standards, certifications like ISO 9001: 2001; ISO 13485 and CE certification are a must. Then approvals as per International Standards like GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) and WHO (World Health Organization) have to be met. Any discrepancies in these standards are just not taken.   So, an organization manufacturing or even simply distributing these equipments has to see that all these benchmarks are met. Only then, they will be considered as carrying their duty towards society in a responsible manner. Nothing more, nothing less, lethargy not taken!!

Making surgical equipments is a tough task. It takes a lot of calculation and preciseness to make these. Only people with good intellect and a lot of effort to produce products like these. When companies manufacture these things they produce quality equipments, often matching an international standard which is not an easy thing. Both the buyers and sellers are on a lookout of a high quality product in this field, definitely not everyone’s task. If you are looking for such high quality standard products ( Suprapublic Catheter, Peek Plif CAGES, Posterior Osteosynthesis System), then we are the ones who match the standards of WORLD HEALTH ORGANISATION (WHO) for our medical products. We at BIORAD MEDISYS PRIVATE LTD. offer such high quality products. For details, call us today!!


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