Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Heat Transfer Systems and Equipments

Thermal Heat Transfer has many uses which are being used by n number of Industries including Pharmaceuticals, Petrochemicals, Food, Automobiles, Power and Energy, Oil and Gas and so on. The best thing about using this kind of natural source of energy is that it has very less side- effects and a number of uses which can be used for mankind. When Industries use this kind of energy, definitely it does a lot in improving the lifestyle of mankind – the natural way! We offer industrial machinery for heat transfer like Fuel Heating Units and Thermal Oil Vapourisers

Heat Transfer is a concept which comes under the discipline of Thermal Engineering which revolves around the concept of exchange of energy from one physical system to another. Generally this transfer of heat has many names like heat conduction, convection, thermal radiation and phase change transfer. Which name is given depends entirely upon the method of heat transfer. Generally Heat Conduction happens on a microscopic scale. Heat conduction occurs as hot, rapidly moving or vibrating atoms or molecules interacting with neighbouring atoms and molecules, transferring some of their heat to neighbouring particles. Conduction happens mostly within a solid or between solid objects in thermal contact. Convection, another form of heat transfer is something which happens when heat is transferred from one place to another by the movement of fluids. In other words, it describes the combined effects of conduction and fluid flow. This method is generally used in liquids and gases.

Third form of transfer called Thermal Radiation is the energy emitted by matter as electromagnetic waves due to pool of thermal energy  which all matter possesses having temperature above absolute zero. Thermal radiation is one of its kinds as it capable of propagating without the presence of matter through vacuum of space. Unlike conductive and convective forms of heat transfer, thermal radiation can be concentrated in a small spot by using small mirrors, which has its own advantage( in scientific use). The last among the list is the Phase Change Transfer. This kind of transfer simply means transfer of heat through phase transition in the medium such as water – to – ice or ice – to – water. It involves significant energy and is used in a number of places like steam engines and refrigerators.

There are other forms of heat transfer like Fuel Heating Units and Thermal Oil Vapourisers which use the concept of heat transfer for day – day – use in many sectors of industry. This kind of energy is generally used in Thermal and Mechanical Engineering units. Industries where this kind of energy is especially used include Power & Energy, Automobile & Auto Components, Chemicals, Textile, Oil & Gas, Petrochemicals, Paper, Food, Pharmaceuticals and so on.

Making energy saving heat transfer systems is one of those tasks which takes more of mind muscles than hand muscles. Right proportion of heat transfer in right amounts at right place is one thing which does not take any kind of risk in its hands. And so, the manufacturers making this kind of stuff really take pains to make these. If you are on a look-out of quality Heat Transfer Systems and Equipments like Exhaust Gas Heat Recovery Systems, Thermal Oil Vapourisers and Fuel Heating Units, then here we are selling the best equipments you will ever have. Call us today at M.E. Energy Private Ltd. and we will offer you the best deals – both, in terms of quality and price!!

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