Friday, December 9, 2011

Machine: Important & Irreplaceable

Hydraulic Machines are used mainly by man for efficient, error free precise work at minimum time possible. It is used for almost all purposes be it regular household activities or production of industrial products. It is one of the key components for determining growth of an economy.

Machines are uses as a symbol to identify growth of an economy. They are important & irreplaceable be it for household purposes or for large scale industrial purposes. Today there is rarely any job that is performed without the use of machines. Machines help man to overcome all possible situations & help him to find quick solutions in case of any problems & hence they are called Man’s best friend. They improve the speed of execution of the job thus saving ample time & at the same time maintaining quality. Machines help man for better performance of work. Machines use energy for various purposes such as multiply a force, change the direction of a force, transform or transfer energy, or multiply speed. For example, a car jack is a machine that multiplies force exerted on its handle so that a relatively small force can lift a car off the ground.

A machine is also used to change the direction of a force. A single pulley at the top of a flagpole enables one end of the rope to exert an upward force on the flag as a downward force is exerted on the other end. Another use of a machine is to transform energy. A generator transforms mechanical energy into electrical energy. A steam turbine transforms heat energy into mechanical energy. We use machines to transfer energy from one place to another. Machines are also used in mining process which is carried out by drilling by jumbo drill machines.

Machines can be found at various workplaces ranging from household purposes to industrial purposes. In household machines are used to do chores which were earlier done traditionally. For example washing machines for washing clothes, mixers for grinding to make a paste, refrigerators for storing & keeping things cold. Machines form the backbone of industries as all the goods manufactures are from machines. All the industrial products are processed from machines. With the invention of artificial intelligence which is used to serve as a brain for machines & robots are used to replace humans as they are more efficient & less error prone. They can work for long hours without a break & there’s only a large initial investment but later only the cost of maintenance has to be taken of thus improving the profit of businessmen.

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